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A modular synthesizer for your PC

With Softsynt it is possible to build a virtual modular analoge synthesizer from a set of standard components like a VCO, VCF or VCA. Also some exotic components like a ringmodulator and 16 steps sequencer are included. Version 1.0 will no longer be supported by me, but can be freely downloaded. It is a ideal tool to learn the basics of (virtual-) analog sound generation.

No development is done anymore on this piece of software, because SynFactory is developed as successor to SoftSynt. Therefore the registering system is no longer active. The FULL WORKING NO POPUP version is now available completely free for download.

Version 1.01

You need a Pentium based system with at least 32 Mbyte memory, an 16bits stereo soundcard which supports 44kHz and a Win32 operating system (which means Windows95+ or WindowsNT-4.0). I recommend a 133Mhz or faster processor (although the first beta version of the software was developed on a 486DX33 system :-)

Click here to download Softsyth 1.01 registered (170 kByte)

Version 1.0Demo

This is the original version, I recommend using the version 1.01 above, because it fixes some critical problems and it doesn't contain any popup registering windows.

Click here to download SoftSynt 1.00b Demo (170 kByte)

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