The SidCard

[Sorry page not complete]

I'm sorry this page is not complete, but this project is already a year frozen.

The Sidcard is a combination of a hardware module with emulation software. The hardware consists of a 6581 sound chip and some interface electronics. The software emulates almost a complete commodore64 machine. The purpose of the system is to play .sid music files in the best quality possible. Because we used the original sound chip of the commodore64 the sound is almost 100% accourate. The interface hardware is designed to eliminate all kinds of noise and distortion. The audio quality is therefore much higher as from a real c64 machine.
The only limitation is the software which only runs under MS-Dos. Currently no plans for future development on this project are planned.

There is the possibility we will release all information of this project in the public domain. So please be patient.

Link to Wilfred Bos homepage (ACID 64 Player)
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